Our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility


This policy describes how FWD works with sustainability and accountability regarding environmental, ethical and social aspects.

We know that active responsibility for sustainable development is a prerequisite for our future. Together with our clients and partners, we want to actively take part of this work – now and in the future. In order to comply with the policy, FWD engages all employees, clients and partners to work in the same spirit.


Environmental considerations. FWD take environmental considerations when purchasing inventory and consumables and makes ecological and environmentally friendly choices.

Energy. FWD works for energy saving and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.

Waste. FWD recycles and actively works to reduce waste.


Global responsibility. FWD as well as our clients and partners must comply with the requirements of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, work for good working conditions, abandon child labor and meet basic quality and environmental requirements.

Secure products. FWD takes responsibility for what we produce and that the tools we use are safe and do not harm people and animals.

Good conscience. FWD only works with products and clients that we can stand up for and only cooperate with companies / organizations / people we trust.

Social responsibility

Community Involvement. FWD is always to be respected regardless of how and when we cooperate. FWD also strives to collaborate with at least one nonprofit organization that works to strengthen people living in vulnerability.

Happy employees. FWD strives for the workplace to be characterized by community, loyalty and respect, where everyone is active and takes responsibility for their duties and each other.

Equal and equal recruitment. FWD strives for a staff composition that reflects society as a whole and to promote individuals regardless of sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs or disability, to seek vacant services.

A creative agency with collective agreement

As a creative services company, our most valued asset is our employees and the knowledge they possess. We believe that a safe workplace with fair conditions will benefit both our employees and our clients.

The collective agreement secures and regulates, for example, wages, working hours, occupational pensions and other insurance.